Convention : How to survive in the French Management jungle ?

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Convention : How to survive in the French Management jungle ?

jeudi 30 mars | 9 h 00 - 12 h 30

Convention animée en anglais par le Lab R&D Non-French managers working in France

    How to survive in the French Management jungle ?


International Business requires both agility and an open mind. Integrating the intercultural perspective has become an imperative for mutual understanding, respect and operational efficiency. The Maison du Management recently set up a Club of “Non-French Managers” to launch the debate of what typifies the French Management Style. It’s time to take the sharing and learning to the next level, so we are excited to be holding a seminar to exchange and debate on the multitude of perspectives regarding a French Management Style. Three objectives :
– Establish a ‘French Management’ SWOT
– Identify do’s and don’ts for newcomers in France (the survival kit!)
– Identify best practices and pitfalls to welcome and include ‘Non-French’ in companies

With the contribution of :
Ichiro Aoyagi, Vice-President at Fujitsu Global IoT & Innovation (Japanese)
Dan Balma, Senior Software Engineering Lead at Microsoft Engineering Center (American)
Olivier Campenon, President at Franco-British Chamber of Commerce (French)
Carmen Ionita, HR Manager at L’Oréal (Romanian)
Peter Justesen, Chief shipping officer at Engie (Danish) 
Erik Larsson, VP Marketing at Enea (Swedish)
Regis Rogers, IT Executive, Chief Network Architect at General Electric (American)
Toby Truax, CEO at Telepath Services (American)

The Convention will be facilitated in English by three members of the R&D Lab “Non-French Managers Working in France” :
Barbara Albasio, founder of Sensi Ateliers Art & Sens (Italian)
Danny Freedman, Management Development Director at Dassault Systems (English)
Kimiko Imai, Vice-President Strategic Alliance at Dassault Systems (Chinese-Japanese)

Débats en sous-groupes, avec la salle et avec les intervenants
Buffet convivial

Participation gratuite pour les adhérent-es de la Maison du Management, de 400€ HT pour les non-adhérent-es.
Inscription obligatoire via le lien ci dessous.


Votre inscription (obligatoire) sera confirmée par mail.


Date :
jeudi 30 mars
Heure :
9 h 00 - 12 h 30
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